30 year history

From humble beginnings in 1988, Norwich has experienced growing cities, changing markets and has built relationships with some of the best experts in the industry.

Norwich prides itself in what it does and enjoys helping to provide more quality housing using vision and foresight.

Norwich was started By Tim Manning from his home in Ponsonby, some 30 years ago.

The first multi-unit development was a small block of flats in Richmond Road just around the corner from his home.   The development, after being completely refurbished, were put onto individual unit titles and the common area being managed by a body corporate, This was not a common arrangement at the time but is now widely used for many multi housing types.

Norwich continues to go from strength to strength by selecting high demand areas and using foresight to discover and develop up and coming areas.

Another first for the New Zealand property market was the Gated Communities model introduced by Tim and the Norwich team in the early 1980’s and this model is now widely used by large housing groups and most property developers today.

Norwich’s developments provide owner’s sound investments and desirable homes to live in.

By using quality fittings and providing great amenities, the owners, property managers and occupiers are ensured a great lifestyle.

Over the past 25 years a lot of people have come and gone from the New Zealand Property Development Market. By knowing what to look for and when to step back we have enjoyed the first 30 years and are looking forward to the next.

Tim’s philosophy is that the staff employed and the contractors the company uses are its strength and differentiation in the market place.