About us

Norwich Properties Limited is a well-established New Zealand based property development company.

Norwich Properties was established as a premier real estate development company within the Norwich Group of businesses, and continually delivers innovation and excellence to its customer’s through good value, prime locations, excellent construction, and efficient support.

The Group philosophy is to continue raising its performance within the Real Estate Industry and thereby remaining one of the most professional, reliable and accomplished property developer’s in New Zealand.

Norwich Properties Limited is owned and operated by Tim Manning. With a career spanning more than 25 years in all aspects of property development, Tim is acknowledged as one of New Zealand’s most successful developers. The company operates with a core staff of seasoned professionals, along with a select group of consultants. Norwich Properties Limited is proud of its ability to bring the right team together tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual development.

The Norwich group has completed several landmark gated community projects throughout New Zealand, in particular within Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington and Queenstown.

The team at Norwich Properties believes in constant improvement and sees enormous opportunities for growth in the coming years, as New Zealand’s growing economy continues to demand an increase in further quality real estate. Norwich Properties is now ideally situated to build on its success by leveraging its established brand image and by providing the quality real estate owners and investors are looking for.